Suggestions on what shielded wire to use from my input jack to my pot? There are several kinds.

The stuff's really a horse a piece. Wiring has a lot of margin on it, and just knowing retail the way I do, I'm wary of things that are of higher price because they sing their own praises. Anything middle of the road will work just fine and give you the results you're looking for, I'm sure. There really isn't a whole lot of difference between the different options.
The way my guitar was wired at the factory is with a large diameter wire with a thick rubber coating going from ground to the pot and a regular light gauge hookup wire going from the hot on the jack to the hot on the pot. Will I be ok with just getting some double strand wire with a rubber coating or do I need the metal shielded or even the coaxial stuff?
Ok, got my wire. It has an outer coating with wire inside and another coated wire inside of that. I'm guessing I just want to strip the outer coating, pull back and clip off the wire, strip the inner coating, and use the wire inside of that to solder to the jack. Am I missing anything?
Well, I went ahead and stripped the outer coating, clipped the wire underneath and then stripped the inner coating and soldered just the inner wire. The thing is that the inner wire is really thin. Not very many strands. Anything wrong with this?
Your fine, just don't forget to use the outer wire sleeve for your ground.
I've used both shielded and just plain insulated hookup wire, solid and stranded core. I don't really have much of a preference, other than solid core is a little harder to work than stranded with in some ways (and easier in others).

20-24 AWG wire is perfect in my experience.

And yes, shielded wire works by having the outer wire grounded, and the inner wire is your hot. It's gonna be pretty thin - that's OK, guitars carry almost no current as-is.
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