So I want to combine live music with electronic stuff. I was hoping I could get others ideas and opinions on this subject. I was thinking of having guitar, bass, synth, drums, drum samples, risers and pads. Would a high quality macbook with ableton live be enough to handle having the guitar/bass/synth plugged into it for amp simulators and synthesizers? I kind of don't want to have a lot of equipment and also am looking for a different style so using computers over physical gear is something I want to do.

My next question is about using drum samples over the drummer and risers/pads. My 3 ideas were
1.)The drummer could have a DM-5 or something to trigger samples on the hi-hat, kick and snare only. (posbbile?)
2.)have the drummer just use an electric kit to load whatever sounds we want
3.) Have a maschine player play the samples in real time with his box as well as the risers and pads

The last problem I have is how will the risers/pads be played...they could be in my last sentence, having a maschine player to do all that stuff. If the drummer has the samples triggered, maschine player almost becomes useless because I'm sure the synth player could do risers and samples himself..I think.

Thank you to those who read and comment.
O yeah forgot to mention this is for live use in which I thought I could plug the macbook straight into the PA
I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve here. How about having a guy behind a computer to trigger these extra "electronic sounds" you need? Simple as that; One computer.

Or pre-record your stuff, play along with a metronom (in-ear) and get the band really tight to fit on the track. Someone just press play when you guys are ready.

Do you have any sample of this "combination"? I'd like to hear how it sounds.
I kind of want to avoid relying on computers. I love elctronic and I love rock music, but electronic music so far takes away from musicianship..I would like to be playing in real time as much as possible with others.
Bands have been mixing their rock & electronic elements to varying degrees in live performances since...well...since the mid-1970s- ELP, ELO, Muse, Tangerine Dream, static X, Depeche Mode, Moby, Missing Persons, Queensryche, Timbuktu 3, Kraftwerk, Gary Neumann, Korn...the list goes on. My best advice is to try to find an electronic musician's forum or group near you and ask them.

As for your ideas about the rhythm section, I'd advise you talk to your drummer.
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You're going to have to rely on computers for multiple reasons. One is cost. All of these instruments live will cost serious cash. Another is complexity. Computers do what you want, when you want, how you want. There's nothing wrong with having certain instruments live that you can have fun with, but for certain parts a laptop will be the way to go.
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