I am looking into buying a Fender American Deluxe Telecaster Thinline by the end of

the summer and I've noticed that the reviews for this guitar are scarce. I have heard

some demonstrations on Youtube and the guitar sounds and looks great, but a lot of the

demos involve people playing them with heavy distortion and I'm wondering if it's a

good choice for a lead guitar that can produce warm, clear sounds, also. Does anyone

own one who likes theirs?

Thanks in advance.
Fender's American Deluxe series is their top of the line; save for their Custom Shop models (and even then, the AD series sometimes crushes the Custom Shop offerings). The AD Thinline Telecaster is a semi-hollow guitar, which is almost sacrilegious to some Telecaster purists. It is a fine guitar that should cover your needs quite well.
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It's expensive, not a lot of folks own them, which is why reviews are scarce. They're fantastic. Make sure to play before you buy.
I spent quite a bit with one at an instrument shop and I loved it.

I only tried playing clean and slightly overdriven (so I don't know how well it can handle heavy distortion), and it definitely sounds great with low gain.
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I got the idea to buy a thinline tele from playing a classic player's '72 reissue at guitar center,

so I'm hoping this will play even smoother.
Yeah, I watched that video and also I saw him review the Select version of the thinline tele, and

even though the Select is more expensive, Mark Lucas seemed to like playing the AD version