We currently have a drummer with with a year a half of experience
A guitarist with 2 casual years of experience (both of wich play piano)
Me a bassist with about 1 year of experience and a couple months of more intense experience ( no slap bass ) and a total of about 2 months of guitar experience but can still semi-comfortably play (think weezer)
Eventually we plan to find a fourth member but the subject is still a little fuzzy
The genre range goes from psychedelic rock to neo punk(artic monkeys) to more the mountain goats type

We're looking for song to practice with just to sort of get used to played in a group
And really just general advice (13-15 age range)

Also the drummer and I sing but where not sure yet if I should take lead singer and jaut do secondary guitar and look for a bass player or a singer/melody guitarist

(Happy to fill any holes)

<this is a repost of what was originally on the pit but I was advised to ask for better advice here>