Mr Zhuge blistered mouth, butts said Confucius and Mencius, but nobody listened. He not feel a sense of wrong is blamed on coconut tree: an order under, overnight it struck the Palm of Yunnan all; lest these barbarians who do not listen to the Sage of truth. Without the trees, he would nike free 3.0 womens have been heard--on this, my interpretation was that theGE Liang he South, not one person, has also brought a lot of soldiers, tree-felling axe with knife can also be used to cut people, cut down a tree it explains his staff enough, axe is also sufficient. Locals understand this meaning, in case Mr Zhuge. I this view you may not agree with--I know you will say, Zhuge Liang is the ancient Sage not so starkly with the threat, so I do not want to cling to the idea.

On this matter, is explained in evidence: the barbarian people, some curious things, crazy, dare ignore celestial big bang; without these rare objects, they are honest. This means that the Yunnan people committed a fault with frivolous, this is a moral defect. Mr Zhuge tree-felling, is designed to remedy this problem, is for their own good. I think such a view is a little nike free 3.0 mens outrageous. People there are a few good things, to live a little better, I feel better, this is frivolous; have to ruin these good things, let people feel sad, this is not crazy--I think this is evidence that the author's comments, Mr Zhuge was not such a person. Evidence is not serious, but now there is really no coconut in Yunnan province, which used to be there. Chop these Palm tree may be wise. If this is not playing brutal, you should have a moral interpretation.