You read it correctly.

I've recently purchased a wireless unit for my guitar (Line 6 G30 - It goes alright!) and was seriously wondering where's the preffered or most common spot to put the transmitter?

Whole reason I bought it was for bodily freedom so I can jump, do stage moves/antics etc and at the moment I've got tape holding the cord to the unit, with the unit clipped onto the bottom of my straplock, near the input jack of the guitar because I was supplied with such a short lead, and the lead bows out and its actually annoying.

I've seen guys wear theirs on their back somehow. Whats the best way to have it on me, but not hinder me, but also be transferrable when I swap out guitars during gigs.

(was thinking long lead using velcro attached to the strap running down and around to the input jack).
Never used the G30. When I used to use a wireless, I clipped it to my belt or top of my jeans at the back. It had a clip for that.

If you are changing guitars, it will have to be on your person. Usually on your back so it doesn't get in your way. Maybe make a pouch for it if it doesn't have a clip. Then just buy/make a cable to suit.
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They have little pouches I've seen people use, that hold the transmitter and have a more reliable clip. You'll probably want a lead with an angled jack instead of the one supplied. I personally clip it to my strap on back. Then if I need to transfer guitars I just unclip my strap locks and use the same strap and a different guitar. Works for me. I've had good luck with Line6 wireless units. Have a G55 myself. I got a replacement one recently, but only because the one I had was a bit old and had dated technology. It still worked just fine and in fact I sold it for $100 hah.
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Neotech medium pouch on Amazon. Cost $9.99, protects againt it falling off your strap and from sweat exposure. Also check out Shure right angle cable. Cost roughly $20.00 and is also avalable on Amazon. I use both products and both are worth it if you ask me.