sounds like reverb or maybe delay

alongside maybe fuzz? or just overdrive?

I'm pretty terrible at recognising recorded tones
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A ton of reverb AND delay. Tiny bit of drive. Remember their is an acoustic guitar in the background and also a high pitched sound that I can't place emphasising the guitar but not coming from it so just keep that in mind.

You are going to need to get the reverb and delay perfect. Start with delay, it should only have one audible echo in time with the beat of the song, then start adding a hall reverb until the first note you play is actually SOFTER in volume than the following reverb/delay for a few milliseconds. Add a little of your preferred drive and play it on your neck pick-up.

Thanks for the help, I'm more a Blues and early English Metal fan but this song has really appealed to me for many years and I enjoy playing it.
Will see how I go.