I'm making a tab with a capo but I have one question, when placing the text, would you put the fret markers starting from the capo


Capo 3
Playing 16 fret

would you put 13 fret or 16 fret

also when playing string open would you put 0 or 3 considering capo is on the 3rd
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Don't take this as gospel as my level of expertise is in the very beginning stages, but it's my understanding that you basically treat the capo as if it's the new nut, and everything is relative to its position. Think of it as just playing a shorter-necked instrument. I understand some folks get thrown off if they're looking at the fret markers, but I guess it's just something you eventually get used to.
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Tim is correct, you tab the frets out as the capo is a new nut. People just have to figure out the differences in the fret markers on their own. It's not really hard, I got used to it really fast.
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