I am fairly new to the world of guitar and am thinking about adding a semi hollowbody guitar to my meager collection (MIM Strat, PRS SE 245). Have checked out the Epiphone ES 339 and like the size, tone and playability. Have heard some good things about the Ibanez Artcore series and wondered which one would be the closest in size to the Epiphone. Would there be a quality and tonal difference between the two? I have a $500 budget and am interested in mainly blues and 60/70s rock. Can anyone lead me in the right direction? Would certainly be open to other suggestions in this price range. Would prefer something new but am open to used also. Thank you for the help.
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Look into reverends. The Manta Rays are pretty sweet semi hollow guitars. The bass contour knob adds a nice element to the P90s that broadens the tonal spectrum of the guitar. I used to have a Manta now have a sensei with HBs. They are great guitars. Wait on Danny to come in, he will be able to give you a lot of guitars to research. Not sure if your budget is new or used or if $500 is the max. location? Current amp?
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Located in Oregon and $500 is max for budget. Amp is a Pro Jr.
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Hi Mate
I have an Ibanez AF-55 Artcore, this is a great unit easy action, smooth tones and not to bad on the eye.
I have 4 guitars (Oakridge Resonator, Strat copy (Magnum) Fender Jazzmaster (which is crap) and the Artcore) and the Artcore would be top 2.
I can not speak highly enough about it to anyone that will listen.