Im in dire need of help. I can play the guitar with bare necessities for my daughter. She really wants me to play Snug as a bear, but I cant find the chords anywhere at all. Im pretty sure its quite easy to just listen to the song and figure them out, but im having trouble with that too.
The song can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3FpvIM2L3M

Really hope someone can help, it was a cute request, which i really want to fulfill!

Jonas Pedersen
Not positive as the guitar is quiet and his voice loud. D and C chords seem to go along well with it though.
This is what I hear:
Capo 1st fret

G C- D G x 2

(First we get our...)
G C - G D - G C - Em D x 2

(Snug as a bear can be....)
G D - G Em D - G D - G Em D - G

(if you want, you can play the chorus like this, so you get the walking bass line: G D D/E- G Em D - G D D/E - G Em D - G

Held og lykke
Thanks alot for the responses and taking the time, it seems to make sense. At least, shes happy with it

(Den danske udgave er bedre, men kunne ikke finde den)
Very cool you are doing this. I always wish I had parents that played music instead of parents that tell you not to bother playing because you wont get anywhere with it. Ugh.

But like I said that's awesome you are doing this for her.
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Nice of you to comment with such positive attitude. Its of course a double-sided joy, as its a hobby of mine And hey, shes a good critic, as she thinks everything i play and sing is good!