So I got a wild hair and decided to try my hand at repairing paint chips. I looked around ebay for awhile till I found a beat up 2002 RGT 42 thru neck. The paint had chips everywhere and it was cheap.

Long story short I found out I'm not much of a paint repair man. Drop fills and such turned out decent, but matching paint is beyond my ability. After finishing the experiment the guitar sat around unplayed for a long time. The pickups were shot and I didn't much wanna play the guitar that looked like it had been infected with the pox.

Recently I decided to refinish the guitar. I sanded for 2 weeks on that *#%@! It was more elbow grease than I ever imagined. When I finished I decided I liked the old basswood and walnut stripes so I left it. I kind of got lucky too. I don't have to clear coat it or seal it because evidently Ibanez does a clear then paint then another clear. I only sanded off the top clear and paint and was left with the last clear coat as the base. The only thing I didn't sand was the back of the headstock with the serial. In a few spots on the back u can see white looking spots where I did over sand a little. I started on the back and used a small electric hand sander. I found out quick my hand was the best tool for the job.

I installed new pots, switch, jack, and a gravity storm and crunch lab pickup. The Lo trs 2 bridge sux big ones, but I plan to eventually put in a OFR. It still keeps tune as long as I don't stand on the trem bar.

The guitar plays and sounds great! I love the feel of it in my hands. I'll never get my money out of it, but I plan to keep it so no worries there. It will never by any means be my main axe, but I'm loving this cheapo beater! Enjoy the pics!

Very nice job, man- you may not get your money out of it, but I bet you'll get sweet tones and jealous looks!
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That thing looks very sexy.

Two weeks to sand down a guitar body though? Shiet. This cuts me deep because I'm planning to swirl an old body of mine some time soon and had no idea it would take that long to sand.

Enjoy you guitar
Well the 2weeks works out to about 15 hours total on sanding. Not really a full 2 weeks work, but way more than anticipated.