I picked this guy up at goodwill for 65 dollars, it was a steal..
Last night it worked great. The 2 batteries it came with worked fine, i was jamming.
Today I try to play and it shit the bed. I immediately bought 2 new batteries and replaced, nothing.

So its a Slash Wah pedal with a clean channel and distortion channel.
There are 2 knobs on the side, volume and gain.

When my cord is running through the pedal with the pedal clicked OFF, guitar works fine clean. Bypass works.

When pedal is turned ON CLEAN channel, no sound whatsoever.

When pedal is turned ON DISTORTION channel, I get a very faint very distorted note.

And again, when I click the pedal off, the guitar blasts.

NO IDEA how this changed overnight. Anyone have a clue? Thanks for taking the time!