Hey guys! So I make songs as a hobby and I made this one recently. It's an instrumental, but I filled in the lack of vocals with my own stuff. I think the mixing came out okay, but I need some more feedback because I'm still pretty new to the whole mixing thing. Some pointers would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Also, I've been told that the beginning sounds like Hypnotize by System of a Down. Thoughts?

Hey Adam. Great job seriously. Sounds amazing. mixing is top notch. the only critique I can give is that I didn't particularly like the tone of the acoustic guitar. Other than that the rest was awesome. would be super cool if you got someone to do vocals to follow the melody. cheers
Hey, thanks again for the critique on my thread !

I liked it a lot ! The beggining with the acoustic guitar sounds very irish (you almost expect a leprechaun to appear when listening to the song ) and I loved how it transitioned to a pop-punk instrumental, really great mix job. The electric guitars are really powerful and nicely panned, gives the song a cool vibe.

I'd love to hear it with vocals, but great soloing and beautiful harmonies between the solo guitars. By the way, i'm curious of what gear you used to get that tone (solo).

Great work man, I'll follow you closely !
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You've got great melodies here, man. Very strong potential for this song.

However, the chorus/reverb effect is a bit too much and creates a bad contrast between the airy acoustic sections and the more in-your-face airless distortion sections. You could tone it down a bit and raise the rhythm distortion a little more to give an exploding transition between the two. I think the tone of the outro acoustic is fantastic, maybe focus on giving the intro a similar feel.

All in all, I absolutely love it though. You got a new follower, mate
Thanks guys! I'm glad you guys liked it. It took me a while to get everything sounding the way I wanted it to and I'm pretty proud of the way things turned out. I appreciate the critique, and will take it into account. I don't have a mic, so I recorded my acoustic guitars via direct imput. Doesn't sound as organic as recording with a mic does so that's probably why the tone didn't come out too great.

Quote by FloodEver
I'd love to hear it with vocals, but great soloing and beautiful harmonies between the solo guitars. By the way, i'm curious of what gear you used to get that tone (solo).

Glad you liked it! for the tone I started it off with the tse808 vst plugin with the volume and tone jacked all the way up and the drive about half way. Next, I used the amplitube fender plugin which actually came free with my purchase of my fender mustang III. They have around 4 amps to choose from, and I chose the MH-500 metalhead amp. Next, I got poulin leCab, which I loaded three impulses I randomly found on the internet. After that I used an EQ which really did the tone well. I did a boost on the low-mids and a little boost somewhere in the high-mid range as well. After that I just slapped on a quick delay and I was done.
Is this a cover of a pink song? The melody is very similar to one of her new ones, sounds great though! Solid mix, if I had to critique anything i'd say the overall mix sounds a little bright to my ears, i'd maybe throw a bit more of a high cut eq on the guitars and bring the bass guitar up in the mix a bit. Your drum mix is nice and everything sits in the right place, again might be my preference but i'd roll off some high end snap from the snare drum, I feel like it'd make your mix much rounder and easier on the ears.
As I listen:

Liking the clean intro; the guitar playing the chords fit really well.

Very full sound when the distortion kicks in. However, the lack of bass is pretty noticeable.

I like the "verse" part (when the rhythm guitar starts palm muting) Your lead tone is great. However, again, the lack of bass is a weakness, an active, fill-heavy bassline would have made that section a lot stronger.

Your riffing and mixing is pretty solid.

Like the introduction of other tracks at 3:14, the acoustic that comes in was a cool idea. This whole bridge-section has a very nice complexity to it with all the layers.

The outro seems a little too simple for how full-sounding the rest was; I'd try having some of the other instruments hold out some notes/chords to make the outro a little fuller.

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This is so effing good man. I once was an avid pop-punk enthusiast but all these bands lately sound awful. They ruin every song they write with terrible lyrics, or they change their direction entirely for the worse (Fall Out Boy).

The lead guitar solos over the whole song would actually make GREAT vocal melodies. Sometimes you hear a song and you think "Yeah that was alright, they arranged it nicely, sounds good" but this one is instantly catchy, I was into it right away. Kind of like Floorboards by Real Friends as far as how I felt. If it had had vocals that weren't whiny or corny and I just randomly came across it I would have shared it on Facebook, followed, searched for an EP/downloads and put it on my ipod
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