Hello Everyone,

I hope I can take up some of your time to read this wall of text.

I have just finished creating a new competition based website www.dualranked.com. This website is for lovers of all music genres and anyone who sings, plays an instrument or just wants to help support artists. On this website, you only compete against the people in the same genre as you, this will keep the competition fair. You will also not have to deal with random spam videos that have nothing to do with music. The ability to compete in up to 5 genres at the same time, by creating 5 genre pages, will allow you to show your talent in multiple genres instead of just one.

Below is an explanation on how www.dualranked.com works

The social networking site Dualranked is unique as it sorts the musicians into specific musical genres, and has them competing on two different ranking scales. The first is a subscription based ranking system, this system will rank Artists based upon the number of subscribers they have. The individual or group who have the most subscribers will take first place in their genre, the person with the second most subscribers will take second place in their genre and so on.

The second ranking system is based on video promotion and will have Artists videos ranked based on the amount of promotions they receive over a 3 month moving timeline within their genre. An artist who uploads a video in January that receives the most amount of promotes, may not be as popular 5 months down the line, allowing newer and fresher videos to take its place. The videos are cycled through a system that only counts the promotes from the last 3 months, and after one full year of competing, the video exits the promotion ranking. It will, however, still be searchable on the website itself and on the Artists profile page.

Example: Video uploaded in January
January: 300 Promotions Total: 300
January: 300 Promotions, February: 200 Promotions Total: 500
January: 300 Promotes, February: 200 Promotes, March 500 Promotes Total: 1000
February: 200 Promotes, March: 500 Promotes, April: 700 Promotes Total: 1400
March: 500 Promotes, April 700 Promotes, May: 500 Promotes Total: 1700

And so on for one year.

To compete in the rankings artists are able to create up to 5 genre pages, which will each be ranked separately in the aforementioned ranking systems. This allows Artists competing in weaker or less popular genres, the fairness of only contending against others in that specific genre.

I am hoping you can spread the word to anyone and everyone who is willing to compete online and promote themselves as an artist. Everyone is welcome to compete on dualranked.com, the website was created to allow artists to shine and not have to compete with ridiculous videos on the web, but instead just with others who are competing in a specific genre.

Please contact me at administration@dualranked.com for any issues or if you have any questions.

I hope to see you on dualranked.com soon and appreciate any and all help!