On the morning after I resolved to recover I arose to a revelation
Something about the sunlight stretching
Orange over the concrete wasteland outside my window
Let me know how valuable I was
To The Whole

I could sense the slow vibrations that the universe puts out
The chords played by all matter, which contain everything perfect
The descending minor third at the beginning of Beethoven’s Fifth
The first bubbling synth notes in “Baba O’reily”
Coltrane’s huge saxophone leaps in “Giant Steps”
They all sounded in polytonal perfection
Yet somehow simulated a marvelous monophony
I too was a tone in the chord

It was then that I first knew of life’s bittersweet dualities
The difficulties I endure enrich each new inhalation
For everything I lose, someone gains
The nature of love is to grieve when it ends
And if we had credits to roll at the right moment
Would that not only cheapen the experience?

Yes, in that moment I knew that I was not the tortured slave I had made myself into
I, like you, am flawless multidimensional cosmic infinity stretching out in all directions
I, like you, am a part of the great chord
The universal duality
Another artery of the collective heart
Another invigorating variation on an endless theme

Let all matter declare it subtly

Life is so damn beautiful