Classiness isn't important.

Sound, playability and affordability are what matters.

It would also help if you let us know exactly which models you are looking at (don't know about LTD but I know Epiphone do more than one SG), what your budget is, and all the other usual information needed for a recommendations thread.
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I'd go with the Epiphone just because of the controls. You have a volume and tone for each pickup instead of a master volume and tone. I can't think of anytime I would actually want the neck and bridge on the same tone setting. I usually have the neck rolled back to 6 and the bridge wide open in that regard.

Out of the box the LTD has a better chance of sounding better to you. You can choose between Duncans/EMGs and the Deluxe model comes with tonepros hardware. Epiphone has cheap chinese hardware and pickups.
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Well, the SG is a veteran dirty rock badass and the Viper is a modern rock machine. I don't think either one is classy at all.
I dig the offset style and vibe on the Vipers much more.
Play them yourself and see.
Epiphone vs LTD, quality will probably be comparable.
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If the neck heaviness of the SG is gonna annoy you, the Viper
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if you can get a Vintage (name of guitar company) SG style axe I'd go for that. they make a really nice SG copy that has the original specs and doesn't suffer so much from neck dive. I have one and greatly prefer it to any of the epi's I've played.
Any SG I have ever played has had neck-dive. I don't find it a problem and I have played SG's as my main guitar for 3 years now.
But get the one you like best
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