Poll: Humbucker Singlecoil or P90?
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Vintage PAF Humbucker
5 50%
Fender Custom Shop Singlecoil
1 10%
Vintage P90
4 40%
Voters: 10.
I own Les Pauls with Singlecoils and Humbuckers..
I took my Les Paul Special II and routed it for a vintage singlecoil in the bridge position.. left the stock 'pup in the neck.. my Les Paul 100 has a covered humbucker in the neck, and uncovered in bridge.. soon to put a Bigsby on it and replace singlecoil in bridge position with stock humbucker.. enfin, I will route the single coil hole between the two humbuckers on the Les Paul Special.. I will post pics and audio of this whacked build..
As if that's not enough- I plan to get a Les Paul Standard Plustop PRO in Honeyburst with a Marshall DSL 100H Halfstack accompanied by a cherry red MIM Fender Strat and a Squier Affinity Telecaster!

and that'll be one hell of a summer!!!!
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I would go for a good humbucker for your taste, and add a coil tap, I always want a coil tap in my main guitars.
Why get 3-4 cheap guitars when you could get one really nice guitar?
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Just get a Vox 55 series guitar. It switches between humbuckers, single coils and P90s so you don't need all those other guitars.
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