Hey y'all,

I have a basswood guitar with a maple top and an HSH pickup configuration. I wanna put Duncans in for a vintage rock kinda tone that's very honest and very touch sensitive. I've been thinking of:

SD 59 > Something > SD 59
SD JB > Something > SD 59

so on and so forth (if you have any suggestions throw them out there). As for the middle pickup, I have no idea. I've heard good things about the SSL-1 and I know Eric Johnson uses a SD Antiquity for his strat but those are the only two I have come up with. If you guys could offer suggestions on the two humbuckers and especially suggestions on the middle pickup that would be awesome. Thank you!

SSL1/SSL2 (staggered vs flat polepieces, same wind) is pretty much the single coil version of the 59 - it's a vintage sounding pickup. Should blend well with either set. Personally, I'd do something like Custom 5-SSL1-59, but that's because I'm not a fan of the JB.

By the way - Basswood with a maple top - this wouldn't happen to be a Suhr of some sort, would it?
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Are you looking to blend pickups (2nd and fourth position on a strat) or use it by itself (or both), and are you looking to complement the tone of these pickups with a bright single coil or mellow it out with a warm one? Also, do you have 500Kpots or 250kpots?
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JB is probably too hot for vintage tones- you want something paf-y, or hot paf-y.

'59 in the neck is nice. so is the jazz. '59's a bit harder sounding, jazz a bit smoother.

SSL1 is nice for vintage single coil tones. Not sure I've ever tried it in an HSH setup, though. (I have one in a framus diablo but it's more HSS with a hot rails in the neck, and also slightly weird wiring so I can't use the middle single coil alone).
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Use the antiquity as a mid, get an SD JB for the bridge, and an SD 59 in the neck. SHould sound amazing. (I set up my brothers guitar like that and it sounds great)
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