I am a freelance recording engineer with a hook up to Iv Lab Studios (http://www.ivlabstudios.com) full of the most renowned equipment and best knowledge in the music industry. Just ask Fall Out Boy, Billy Corgan, Am Taxi, Plain White T's, Hard Working Americans, The Ugly Suit or the legendary jam band who records exclusively at IV, Umphrey's Mcgee. I have been an intern for about 8 months meaning I can book bands to record with me for almost half the regular rates for each room/booth. The $70 live room for $40 an hour, the Recording booth for guitars/vocals/bass and even drums potentially for $30 as opposed to $60 an hour, and a third vocal booth that's only $20 an hour. That's getting you access to some of the highest quality of gear in the world
Most of my experience outside of my own solo work has been tracking rappers and vocalists. But I would love to work with bands as well.
As I am just beginning my career and trying to get a solid discography (yet have learned from some of the best in the city) my engineering rate is $20 for up to 3 which would pretty much just cover my commute, then $10 an hour for each additional hour. for recording and a flat rate of $15 per song for mixing and editing for rappers or if i only track vocals. And $25 for bands. Mixing and editing typically takes 4-5 if you want a good sounding track so i'm working for under minimum wage in that regard.
You can check out the above website for a list of gear and artists who have done work at the studio or even schedule a tour with me free of charge.
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