Came upon a guitar and I have no idea what it is, how old it is, or if its even a nice guitar worth buying and playing? The only thing on the guitar are these letters/numbers inside of it:

"L291 5520"

The little research I did come up with is maybe a brand called Tanglewood? but I dont have enough evidence to prove that, with my lack of experience.

Please help if you can! Thanks.
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Don't know... i've only seen a couple of Tanglewoods... something about it reminds me though of a Valencia, a Chinese made Spanish type/style that though low in cost, actually seem of very good quality and sound really nice.

But I don't know. It's likely not a Valencia, just something about it reminds me of one. Does it actually say or is branded, Tanglewood? btw...a pretty guitar.
Everything about it indicates "cheapie".... The lack of bushings for the tuning pegs, the lack of a recognizable headstock logo, the screwed-on pickguard.
Tailpiece and floating bridge is often found on cheap instruments as well, as it's easier to manufacture. (conversely, found on very expensive archtops as well...)

Bottom line is.... How does it sound? Just because it's an inexpensive instrument doesn't mean it's not playable.