I started to build a RG-type guitar and so far I have:
- Basswood body w/ flame maple top, HSH routs
- Maple neck w/ birdseye maple fingerboard
- FR style locking trem
- 500k pots, 5 way switch
- pretty much all the hardware

But I'm still not sure what PUs to buy. I'm leaning towards a combination of the Dimarzio Tone Zone, Air Norton and probably a Red Velvet Single Coil for the middle. Yet I'm not 100% sure. It's just a combination that they put in many Ibanez Prestige models. So it seems to work. But what else is there? Recommendations? Reconsiderations? Experience with these particular PUs? Am I missing something?
My playing style varies from Rock/Hardrock (Rush, Deep Purple) to Progressive Rock/Metal (Haken, The Aristocrats, Porcupine Tree) to Thrash Metal (Anthrax, Megadeth) to Jazz/Fusion (John Scofield, Joe Pass). Of course it's impossible for one guitar to cover all of that perfectly, I just want to show that I need something quite versatile. But mainly it's supposed to rock.
Budget: about 200-250 Euros for all 3 PUs combined.
Location: Germany, about half hour away from Thomann

the tone zone's pretty versatile but it's also pretty dark-sounding, and is arguably a better lead pickup than rhythm. for what you want, i'm not sure... you could do worse than a TZ but I reckon you could maybe do better, too.
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I'm running a crunchlab in the bridge, liquifire in the neck, stock single in the middle on an 87' RG550. Sounds delightful thru my single rec, and JCM900.
Yeah, I've been thinking about them as well but I'm afraid that they might be too much "metal" and not clean up nicely. Am I wrong? How well do they handle cleans?