Hi all

I want to ask how to create a good melody over guitar chords by singing along while you play.

For example let's say you have decided to play a I V Vi IV (C G Am F) progression. What next? As a guitarist I feel like I should create a strumming pattern first and then try to sing over it but when I do the notes I choose to sing don't really follow an interesting melody. It's either pretty flat and mono tone or all over the place and just sounds silly.

When I sing other peoples songs and can get good variation in my voice and mess around with what they do but in slightly different ways and it sounds pretty good but when I do the same with my own songs it's like I'm choosing to do all the wrong things at the wrong times.

Is there any sort of guideline to follow when making a melody but still keeping it interesting. I want to express myself with vocal movement like other singers do but I want it to sound good and not just like I'm screwing around. Any tips? Thanks in advance!
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I usually record the instrumental parts before i do the vocal melody. And then i basicly write lyrics at the same time as im making up the melody. It seems to help me the most, because if i mess around by just humming a mellody or going "lalalalalalala", it sounds, just like you said, like im screwing around, and i cant make anything consistent. I guess having actual words with it helps, because you figure out the flow of the sylables, the accents and the whole rhytm of the music, but with hummin or whatever, you dont really have that. The first lyrics are of course crap, but then i can improve them but i still keep the melody.

Of course you gotta practice this, just like with everything in music.
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Honestly, I will say, do not write chords before your melody. Work on making a good melody, then put chords behind it. In a song, your melody is what people will be listening, if you haven't got a catchy melody, you haven't got a good song, so, honestly, stop strumming chords, and start writing a melody. It may help to come up with words first, depending on the kind of melody you want to write.