Hi folks! I've uploaded a cover of this amazing song by AIC. I learned all by ear and in the solo I've messed around.
Sorry for the mistakes!
Hope you enjoy as I.


Im gonna be 100% honest with you, so pull up your socks. Your timing and rhythm need some serious work. You were off beat almost the whole way through and there were a ton of mistakes. Sloppy all around to be straight up with you--if you want people to take you seriously, you need to practice what you play much, much more. Im not trying to hurt your feelings as i suspect you're relatively new to guitar, but if you're going to post a video of you playing, it's gotta be way, way tighter and practiced.

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First off, don't say "I suck". Everybody has to start somewhere. You do need to spend more time on practice though, and not so rigidly. You're killing a good part of this because of the rigidity with which you hold your guitar and pick, and with your strumming. I would seriously look for a good, local guitar instructor. A good instructor will point out bad habits and introduce you to good basic techniques. Basics should come first. If you do have a guitar instructor, fire them and look elsewhere because they aren't helping you address some of these very basic issues.
Hi melodethguy,

For me your cover video wasn't that bad. Trust me I've seen much more horrid playing on youtube. But as the other two have pointed out above me, there were some issues. Namely these were the timing, which in most cases was out of time with the studio track, and also at times the rhythm in the main riff you were playing was out of place with the studio track. And of course there were a few wrong notes hit throughout the vid but then again you did mention that in advance.

Overall, it was an ok cover but with room for improvement, that being the timing.

Don't let all this feedback put you off guitar playing. As jaegard said we all have to start off somewhere. Keep at it.

Seeing as this is a C4C thread thought I'd share with you a video of me playing some chains too. Not the same song, but a song from the same album nonetheless. See what you think. Here's a link to the thread (https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1649234 )
Thank you jaegerd: Yes, I have to take off these bad habits, but I don't like instructors, I like to be a self-taught person. I learned all by being self-taught.

6metal6legend6: Thanks you for your constructive criticism. There are sometimes I play "better" than others.