Just looking for some opinions. I am just returning to guitar (at 40 - mid life crisis) I have never been a particularly good player and was self taught. I am now having some lessons and purchased some on-line instruction as well.

I still have my Telecaster and a reasonable 65w Crate Amp that does a pretty good clean sound and has reverb and a flanger built in.

I have around £130 to spend on some new equipment but I am struggling to identify the best purchase.

I had thought about a Roland Cube 40XL Amp which I can get for this money, has a whole variety of effects in it and also a looper which will assist in practising. This would also give me an extra Amp, which my Son who is just starting to learn an option to use - he only has an old 10w Kustom amp which cost £5 second hand. Alternatively I could purchase a Zoom G3 Multi Effects Pedal to run into my existing Amp, or could be used as a headphone amp for late night practising and also has a 20/40 second looper and lots of amp sims, effects and drums............or should I just get an out and out looper like the BOSS RC-3 which also has drums and greater recording options? These are all the same price which only adds to the soul searching?

Really don't know the best way to go...my head is saying that the Roland Cube Amp is the best bang for buck? but is it the smart choice?

Does anyone have any advice.
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Go for the new amp, if it will keep you interested.'
And welcome back, I haven't stopped since I turned 15-16 and I'll be 36 this year. You've got some catching up to do. And don't be surprised when your son is shredding you in 6 months
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I'd normally say mfx, but in your situation I'd probably go for the cube. That way you can jam with your son. The G3 is an excellent mfx for practicing though. I would definitely take either over an rc3
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