Sound quality is really good but for one thing--the drums. Too much cymbals, not enough snare and bass drum. The guitars sound great, you've got a personal sound nailed down which i like. I found myself wanting a little more low end in the bass, and i already mentioned the drums. Other than that everything sounds really good! It's got a real Oasis quality to the sound of the mix. Nothing to comment about your playing, obviously it's practiced and pretty much flawless.

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Sounds good dude, I love the original song and this cover does it justice, especially with the vocals u do a pretty close job. I gave you well deserved like and a follow :P
Love that song, Steven Wilson is such a genius You did a great job with this cover! There are a few details I'll address, but that shouldn't take away from this being a great effort

-Your voice sounds great, but there are a few parts where it sort of goes off like (0.55)
-The EQ of the instruments could be a little 'fuller' and less trebley. I loved the tones though, and you did a great job in the bridge section to replicate the feel. Same with the guitar solo.
-Are the drums live? Some parts seems to be a bit off feel.. like 1:17 for example. It can sorta spoil the magic.

That's just me nitpicking at minor details haha. Overall great job dude, cant wait to hear some more stuff.

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