Hey guys, so my AC broke last week on some of the hottest days of the year. Unfortunately my Seagull 12 string that just got back from a setup and had its action lowered now has really high action again. The AC just got repaired today, and is functional so I am wondering, will my action go back to how it was before, or does it need another set up....
If your action has risen by virtue of the soundboard swelling, then ostensibly yes, in due time, and in a more humidity controlled environment.

Just sight across the lower bout of the guitar to see how convex it it, leading up to the bridge.

You should also realize that a 12 string should really be tuned no higher than D-D standard.

If you're going for concert pitch, I have my doubts as to whether it will ever stabilize.
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i tune down to C#
You and Leo Kotke both.

Using a 12 string "medium" string set, ( .012 to .053) which tops out about 300 Lbs tension (!!!!)), 3 semis down would be the right way to go.

With a standard acoustic 12 string "light" set. (.010 to .047), 2 down may be sufficient. That set has about 250 Lbs at concert pitch, and my rough guess is that it may be about 200Lbs at D-D. Still a pretty strong pull though.

I actually prefer 2 down, since it seems to make it easier to adjust with a capo in place. The odd number, 1 or 3 down, puts the position markers too far off kilter.

And yes, I cheat all the time by looking at where I'm putting my fingers.

(I suck at touch typing too, I'm not ashamed to admit).

BTW, what was the result when you sighted the lower bout? Is the sound board puffed up?
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