I talked a few of my youtube savvy friends into committing to a series of redneck/ white trash folk tales. This first episode was my directorial debut.

I thought UG might enjoy a look into the grotesque recesses of my mind.
Also, I'd like to hear your thoughts on other mythological creatures or stories to feature in upcoming episodes.


What wonderous creature should we feature next?
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Hey those tits are a bannable offense.

They're appropriately covered.

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youre right


Was the drag makeup and costume work that well done?
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They're appropriately covered.


If an image requires editing (ie: adding "nipple blocks" or "paint clothes") to make it "safe" to be posted, it will be treated as porn.

Just kidding I'm being a jerk. I apologize.

Lochness Monster should be next. Actually a redneck Bigfoot makes sense.

What about a jackalope?

Or if you want some northern buffonery you could cover the Hodag.