I write this because I have been presented with information that's above my head, and contradictory to facts. I would like to know; What pot/combination of pots will give me the best reaction and control, on a guitar with an H-H setup? Furthermore, what would give me the best reaction/control for a single coil config?

To draw a definitive line, I am partial to LP's, double cutaway's, Tele's, and the 'new-age' Strat (like the Ibanez GIO). My LP and Strat are H-H, my tele has S-H. All are neck/bridge. I would like to have a good amount of control on the volume/tone knobs, without having to tweak my gear to get small, but distinct, changes.

I'm looking at GFS Power Rails (Bridge), and GFS Vintage '59 Alnico (Neck). I want smooth and good control. Matching ratio's and values, meaning same variation from 0-5 as 5-10. If I could get some info, that would be awesome. I'm not 'electrically inclined', so most of the technical jargon is over my head.
Any pot value will give you the same amount of control, but the value of the pot helps shape the tone of the guitar. Higher values load down the signal less, so they give marginally more output and slightly more treble content.

Humbuckers are usually paired with 500k pots to keep some treble in the signal and offset their darker tone.

Single coils typically use 250k pots to tame their harshness.

To give humbuckers some bite you could even use 1M pots to keep even more treble in the signal. I've tried this but found it to be too harsh for my taste.

Hope this helps.