Does anyone happen to know what Ben Kasica uses for his gear (rig)? I love the sound of his soloing and would like to know in order to perhaps some day acquire similar equipment. I know he plays on a PRS guitar, but I'm not sure which one. Also, what pedals (if any) does he use as well as any other equipment, including amps, cabinets, anything rack mounted, etc.


His PRS is one of the older Singlecut models, now discontinued.

As far as the rest of his gear goes, this is what I could find:

Kasica played GMP Guitars exclusively when he first joined the band. However, GMP has discontinued their line of guitars, and he and his fellow Skillet guitarist Korey Cooper now use PRS Guitars.

  • Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier
  • Vox AC30

  • VOX wah
  • Digitech Whammy
  • Ibanez Tubescreamer
  • Electro-Harmonix Big Muff
  • Line 6 delays

Squier "VMC" Stratocaster
PRS SE Singlecut
tc electronic polytune
CMAT MODS Signa Drive
Blakemore Effects Deus Ex Machina
DIY gaussmarkov Dr. Boogey
EHX Small Clone
Mooer ShimVerb
DIY Beavis Devolt
T-REX Fuel Tank Chameleon
Ampeg GVT52-112