Anyone own or have played the Dean Performer Ultra? Specs look good on it for the price point and sounds good on the couple of YouTube videos I've seen, but i don't know much about Dean.
Are these any good? Comparable to the Ibanez EW series? Pros and Cons?
the performer ultra is an entry-level all laminate guitar made to look purty by using a veneer of fancy wood on the top. while some may like the looks, tonally they don't compare with yamaha FGX700SC or the fender CD140SCE, both of which have solid tops to add more resonance and clarity, and both of which cost the same as the ultra.

dean makes the quietest, boxiest sounding of any brand of guitars except first act. i've tried many, and blind tested some with friends, and they're always last in the pack. ibanez isn't the best, but they are better than deans.
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