I have been fiddling with truss rod to try and eliminate some of the buzz on the guitar on random points but because it was too high then to low etc and I kept messing. Now there's somehow 4 more buzzy frets that have developed over a few days. Either it's just the guitar being rubbish and the frets are all raising for some reason or me messing around. Definatally need to use a luthier next time when I get new guitars.

Sorry but I have to chuckle when someone has to take their guitar to a professional for something as simple as adjusting the truss rod. The only reason to do that is if it's stuck. Setting up the action at the saddle and nut isn't difficult either. It just requires the right tools and a little bit of tedious, time consuming work. I bought a kit that included nut slot files and measuring devices for less than $30, well worth it. A set of feeler gages was less than $10, again well worth it. Better than paying a professional $50-100 to do it and I can tweak it to my liking anytime I want. I have more time than money. LOL Humidity changes can wreak havoc on your guitars neck relief so it's something that may require slight adjustments from time to time. It's good to know how to do it yourself. Personally, I wish learning how to play a guitar was as easy as learning how to set one up! I have 3 acoustics and none of them came with the neck relief set right. 1 came with the nut and saddle set up well. 1 needed the saddle sanded down and the other needed the nut slots filed. Bottom line: $35 investment in tools plus some research on the net saved me a whole lot of money instead of paying someone else to do it and my guitars all play well with nice action. Now I just need to get better at playing them. LOL
What I have found in 60+ years of "messing around with stuff" is that some folks are mechanically inclined and some are not.
I do all my own guitar work and build cigar-box instruments as well... I also repair and refurbish bikes, and do all manner of "DIY" stuff. Mostly learned to do things from the standpoint of thrift... Pro repairs are expensive as rohash notes.
But some folks just should never pick up a wrench or hammer... Disaster awaits.

We have such a fellow where I work. We do bike patrol, and ride standard Trek police bikes. He rode up to me one day and said... Hey, I found these two little screws that looked like they were backing out so I screwed 'em back in."
I said... "Congratulations.... You've just rendered your 24-speed mountain bike into a single-speed."
He'd screwed in the adjustment screws for the derailleurs....