Hello. I have a slight problem and I would like you UG community's input. I'm currently trying to start my own band, thinking of going solo and one guy I WISH to make a band with is pushing me to the solo side.

Here's the thing, I started the idea in an time period where I was looking more at speed than harmony, until I grew to liking the idea of making more melodious music, with a high inspiration from Alter Bridge. However, this guy still wants speed, being more of an extreme metal lover. I had hoped given time he would mature, but he's still stuck there and it's not how I want the band to go. If this was a past experience for you or you have an idea of how to react, I would like to know. I don't want to be split between band and solo work, but I LESS want to be in a band that is forced to work speed more than melody.

How should I react? Try to get him to see my side, kill the band idea and go solo or start the project with someone else? Or what ideas do you have? Thank you for your time.

If you can't create songs that satisfy both of you, you shouldn't be in a band together.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Man, I hate to say it, but the conflict has to be resolved before you guys can move forward. In order for a band to go anywhere, its members have to be on the same page. I'd sit down with him and really explain what it is you expect the band to be. If he wants to go in a different direction, I'm afraid it won't work out. You'd be better off going solo.
You could do both....it's all good experience....
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It's the same as all other harmony. Surround yourself with skulls and candles if it helps.
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should the friends make the music, or the music make the friends? one way to look at it. one side of the question will have you trying to make great music and finding people who have the same vision. the other will be with a group of friends that wanna start a band, and each person wants something different. the real answer lies with comprimise so that the question ends with the answer of both. not neither.
If this is your first band...ride it out and get some experience. Use the momentum to meet other musicians and decision makers in your local music community. Then consider parting ways if another door opens and you find a good opportunity