Two new pedals for recording and for playing through studio monitors. Wampler Triple Wreck distortion and ADA GCS-2 guitar cabinet simulator.
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So, how does the ADA sound?
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So, how does the ADA sound?

Pretty good by my ears. Lots of tonal control, and beats the hell out of the emulated output on my Blackstar amp. It's an easy and inexpensive way of using a distortion pedal with studio monitors without sounding shrill and buzzy. I wouldn't have bought a bedroom/practice amp had I started with these two pedals.

At the start of this video you'll hear what various sources sound like with and without the GCS engaged. Then at 6:20 he'll focus on a Lovepedal AMP Eleven and go through various settings on the GCS, and then play with settings on the AMP Eleven.


And here's a video with ADA's preamp pedal and the GCS-2, with a thorough walk-through of the features and use cases.

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