I have a hughes and kettner switchblade 50watt combo. I turned it on today, expecting all was normal, i put it in standby for 5-10minutes like i normally do, than put it on. I noticed no sound was coming out at all. I checked all the cables, everything was fine. then i noticed none of the tubes were lit up. i checked the fuse at the back and it was good. what could it be?
I have had this amp for 6 months and i am not sure if i should sell it. It has been a great amp for me but i fear these problems might happen again if i get it fixed like a previous marshall i had. would it be better to fix it or sell it?
Sounds like the heater circuit is borked. That could be a simple fix (loose wire) or it could be tragic (dead power supply transformer). You need somebody who knows what they are looking at to check it out.
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