Hello everybody, this is my first post here, so I would like to say hello.

But let's go to the point.
Some time ago I've bought an acoustic bass of Cort. So I have a couple of questions how to treat my newest purchase. At this point I have to mention that I've been only playing on classical guitar for few years, so I don't really know much about bass guitars.

1. My most important question is about bridge pins (I've recently broke one, fortunately I had a spare one): I do need proper bass pins, don't I? or are they the same as in acoustic guitar? Where can I purschase them online? I've found only this site: http://www.thomann.de/ie/ibanez_acoustic_bass_bridge_pin_bk.htm

2. Which strings would you recommend? Phosphor bronze 045, 065, 080, 100 would be good?

3. How often should I change strings? I've heard I can "wash" bass strings o.O ?

4. There isn't much info about acoustic bass guitars. Should I know anything?
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As for the pins for your acoustic bass, they are usually larger and longer than those of an acoustic guitar. This is to be expected, as bass strings are larger than guitar strings. Since you are referencing Thomann, I take it that you are either in the U.K. or Europe. I don't know where else you might find them over there, but if you type "Acoustic Bass Bridge Pins for Sale" into your search engine, you will probably get several responses. They are usually made of plastic, so they do not cost very much.

Phosphor Bronze strings are traditional for acoustic instruments (with steel strings), so the set you mentioned should serve you well. Some people have had very good luck with putting electric bass flatwound strings on acoustic basses. Their extra tension and flatwound design can really improve the tone of some acoustic basses.

There is nothing special that you need to know about your acoustic bass. Unless it has some form of built-in pickup, it probably will not be as loud as an acoustic guitar - such is the nature of acoustic basses. But it will be plenty loud for you to practice, entertain yourself and others, and play along with acoustic guitars in a small setting.
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There isn't a lot of information about acoustic bass guitars because there aren't a lot of acoustic bass guitars.They're not loud enough to be used in anything but a personal practice situation (unless you're a mariachi and playing a guitarron) and feedback can become an issue at some volume levels. Bronze-wounds aren't necessarily the best choice; you may want to use traditional bass strings, if only because when you switch to a solid-body bass, you'll be familiar with the feel. The Bronze-wounds won't give you any advance in "tone," etc.

Don't bother washing (or boiling) bass strings. It can be done, but most folks don't change their strings all that often anyway; there's no great economy there and (especially if you're using the flat wounds) no significant upgrade in sound over "dirty" strings. Quite a different change cycle compared to guitar strings. I change bass strings perhaps once every year or two if I'm using them heavily.
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