Hey ! Like I've said before, I'm not a huge metalcore fan but I'll focus on what I like in this style, meaning the guitar work/mix, and the quality of the composition.

To start off, I've listened to the song twice and it sounds great, I've given you a like on Fb as well.

To get more in details, I liked the guitar work, really nice tone you got there with powerful riffs , that blend with the vocals very well. I love the succession of melodic part with more aggressive ones, really gives a nice edge to the song (maybe this is a characteristic of metalcore ?) !

The mix is great, I loved how the guitars are answering each others on each side, that's ****ing sweet, especially in the intro. I'm sorry I can't critique the vocals as I don't know what's good or not in that style.

All in all, great song, great mix, creative guitar work, and very professional sounding !

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Song is awesome! The only thing I didn't like was that extreme boost on the highs in the vocal EQ at the intro, it's kinda annoying to listen to, but when the song kicks in, everything is perfect. Maybe you could lower everything in the intro, so when the first verse starts the song kinda jumps in your face.

Sorry for the joke, but lol at 2:55, spirits on my as**s. I'll remove this if you ask me to, don't worry.

Sounds awesome. Guitars and bass are done really well. I especially like the bass tone you guys used. I agree that the vocals sound a bit harsh in the beginning, but it's not too distracting considering the glitch effects break it up some. The mix is good too. Only issue to my ears is that the drums seem just a little too loud. Or rather, the snare and kick do. Too much audible reverb on the snare and the kick is on the verge of being too clicky, in my opinion. Great, great job otherwise. The song itself was really well-composed I thought. I'll give you guys a like on facebook!

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