The title really explains it all. I don't know that many people, as I'm not really good at networking.. So, I'm going to put this here. I'd really appreciate your advice and comments, here OR on the video. Even a simply view is better than nothing! This is my first time letting anyone besides my vocal coach hear my singing, in other words, none screaming, voice. Well, first time when I was being serious, atleast. So yeah.. Give it a whirl!

Here it is, Basket Case by Greenday! ..Covered by me.
Is this recorded on top of Billie's vocals or is there some sort of effect added where there's echo on your own voice, or possibly a second track?

It sounds good, you're on key for the majority of it but it's really hard to tell how you're actually singing when there's two vocal tracks on there so it's harder to give you a more in-depth analysis. If you could record it to a backing track or you playing the acoustic and singing over top, I could give more feedback.
Yep, it's recorded over his. I forget.. Where to sing, I suppose you could say, when there's no one else singing. That's rather useless, isn't it? I'll try to get a recording with just my vocals and a back track.
Haha only way to fix that is to work on it man. You're never going to be in a performance situation where you sing over another singer's recorded vocals so best to start sooner rather than later.
Here it is again, just my vocals.. And.. Well.. I listened to it.. Kill me D:


Scratch that. Don't kill me, help me. I want to become a vocalist. I will do what it taaaaaaaaaakes
Not bad at all. I like your voice but like you said, your timing is way off leading to rushed lines and shit.

You're also flat on a lot of lines throughout the song.

Neither problem is really a 'problem' per se. You can hit all the notes that you're flat on, it's just an issue of practice.