I gave "Conversation" a listen. Interesting instruments in this one for sure. I like the vocals, they go well with this song. Good use of guitar in this one as well. Nice! I liked that one a lot, I sometimes have trouble listening when your vocals and instruments don't mix well for me, but this one was good. Thanks for the review in my thread by the way!
I just checked out "Find Your Way to Me", and I can honestly say I was not expecting that at all. Really interesting style. Very 80's sounding if you get what I mean. Some of the synth textures and the way they blended together to create a very atmospheric and futuristic soundscape definitely stuck out in my mind and made the track very memorable.

Nice work!
I am listening to conversation. Please before reading on bare in mind that this is not my usually thing, and it is a bit Alien to me. But discovering music is always a great adventure!

You have some interesting sounds and textures in here. A good contrast. It reminds me of a lazy tag place I went to as a child. I like this aspect of it.

The main hook is pretty good and is now stuck in my mind, but the rest didnt really grab me I'm afraid. But again, this is a new region of music for me.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1648005
You write and record music at a very fast pace, you have like 2 new songs every month! I'm impressed...

Listening to 'Find Your Way To Me': I don't find any problem with the mixing, and it was all well played. Keep working on that sound of yours, it's becoming quite recognizable.
Just checked out both songs. Very interesting stuff. I enjoyed some of the textures and sounds you used because they reminded me of video games I used to play when I was a kid haha (Sonic the Hedgehog). Nostalgic.

I didn't care much for the vocals, but that's because I'm not a fan of that style. You do it very well though.

Production was great. Only thing I noticed is that sometimes the lead sounds seemed a bit loud. It sort of took me out of the immersion until the next section would come up. Otherwise, both songs sounded like they were mixed very well.

Good work.
Cool stuff, Aaron! I listened to the first few tunes. I really like the British pop feel; course, that's what I grow up listening to. Good use of keyboards, and interesting sound. If I had to come up with any critique Id say try to mix it up a bit more--throw in some bridges or counterpoint. But It sounds good to me!
This is like the exact opposite of what I like, but I'll try to give some advice regardless.

The vocals lag a little off the beat at parts. I'm not sure if this is your intention, but just in case it isn't. The production is pretty good and the tones sound fine, though a little dated at parts.

Conversation was much more enjoyable than the other one, because it had a more direct approach and just felt like you put a little more effort into it.
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I put 2 new songs in my music website: "Find Your Way to Me" is the song on top, and "Conversation" is the next song down (both have some guitar). Please tell me how you like these songs and how they can be improved. If you review my music, I will review yours, I promise! Here is the link:


Find Your Way to Me

In the first portion of the song, what I'd call the 'lead' synth is a bit quiet and the 'rhythm' synth a bit loud. The drums could be louder throughout.

In the end ambient section the levels sound OK and I like the abstract, echoey synth that reminds me of some of Jerry Goldsmith's synth work on the film Logan's Run.


Perhaps a tiny bit of compression needed on the mastering is all. Good to hear your vocals becoming more clearer and more prominent than in your earlier music.
You got a cool sound. I would try to get a little more punch into the mix. Maybe just raising the level of the drums a little. Vocals might need some work, but overall good job.
I remember i've reviewed your songs couple of times. Nice to hear that you've become better!

Find your way to me: You have ofter 80's vibe in your songs and i easily find it here too. Love those retrosynths.

Conversation: First i easily hear that you use Ez of Superior Drummer. I like the vibe of this song. And your singing fits here better than that first song. Good job!
While these aren't my style, I like the pulsating, almost heart-beat of the synth in find your way to me. Reminds me of genesis, a bit. The vocal melodies remind me a bit of pink floyd and the vibe of the song has that "welcome to the machine" thing going for it.

Maybe the synth solo halfway through is a bit too loud? It's almost louder than the singing.

Have you considered getting another singer for your tunes? I'm sorry if this is tough to hear but I feel that the singing is your musics weak spot. The vocal melodies are good but I think having an experienced singer with a deep smooth voice would add another dimension to your songs.

Good stuff though
Ah yes, I remember you. 1980s era or around there, New Wave I think? What I remember from your other songs, is that the ones I heard were highly polished, and not much to improve on. But I'll try my best.

"Find your way to me"--I think I'll just try pointing out any flaws, because as I mentioned your productions are usually top notch for the genre.
The mix sounds balanced, on my speakers anyway. The synth/samples sound right on for this music genre. Your vocals are pretty unique to me, although I don't usually listen to this genre too much.
You know, towards the ending from about 2:40 on after the vocals are gone, that music would match a video game like Populous. I was thinking of that video game while listening. Not much to complain about here.

You know, besides the electronic sounds, this song actually sounds sort of like a blues song, I mean the pentatonic melody you're using in the beginnning. But that's cool, never heard something quite like that before. Oooooh, I love that lead synth sound/sample you use at the end starting at around 2:40--that had me smiling :-)
Second time listening to it and it still sounds balanced to me.
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Thank you for the reviews! I appreciate it! Some people like my vocals & some people don't. I have actually had several female vocalists sing on my original songs (one singer had previous radio play). I've had 19 of my original songs get radio play (including the radio BBC), and most of those songs had my singing; none of the songs I recorded with the female singers got radio play.
Returning a crit that I totally forgot to return! I do apologise, here's one for 'Conversation';

Interesting drum and perc combo, funky and I'm liking it! Bass synth that kicks in with the guitar is little bit too loud imo, but the guitar is sitting nicely - very 80's hair metal sounding guitars aha.

Nice breakdown at 0:50, works well as a pause between sections. Liking the synthy sound I'm now getting, comes in slightly from nowhere but it's nothing too harsh.
Synths at the end sound pretty cool and lead the track out nicely.

Neat little track as usual man, little bit disjointed by the end but it holds up well altogether.