hi im currently in the mood placing an order at halo custom guitars for a custom build . ive pretty much got everything figured out except for one thing :pick ups. right now im think on getting a duncan invader in the bridge and a lace deathbucker in the neck . problem is i dont really now much about good combos or lace pick ups for that matter so if anyone can tell if invader/deatherbucker is good that be grat or suggest other pup combos for metal . also if anyone can tell me about their experince with a halo custom shop guitar that be great
there are loads of good pickup combos for metal- it depends on the tones you want, the rest of your gear (guitar, amp etc.) and personal preference.

i'm not too fussed on the invader. I haven't tried any lace pickups.

other thing is, are you sure you want a super-high output neck pickup? depends on what you play and preference, of course, but i play most brootal stuff in the bridge position. getting a lower output neck pickup will give you more versatility without really impacting on your ability to get brootal tones either.
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