I am somewhat of a novice guitar player and decided to (instead of buying new) building an electric guitar from a kit. What I have been looking for is a Gretsch style semi- hollowbody 12 string, but can only find either semi- hollowbody kits or 12 string kits (besides 1 kit from http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Hollow-12-String-Guitar-KIt-Electric_1782962904.html which does not seem very trustworthy). Does anyone know of a kit similar to this within or around a $200 price range?
Check out the guitar kits at www.rmolsonguitars.com. I've built a couple. He might have a 12 string ES-335. Or you can place an order for one.
There's a few of his kit builds to check out at www.realmusiciansforum.com. Look for kit build section and find the ES-335 12 strings to see what you're in for as a builder. Go for it.
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