Absolutely. Almost anybody can sing, and when I say "almost anybody", I mean you'd have to be a genetic abnormality in order to not be able to sing. I know singing is something which, like dancing, gets a lot of people incredibly self conscious because people believe it's a God-given gift, and not an instrument which can be worked on. It's an instrument and anybody can sing.

Now for you specifically: I listened to "Home" as it's the only song you cover that I'm familiar with. I'd say you're well on your way. I'm not sure how long you've been singing but it actually sounds good; obviously you're off pitch in particular places but nobody anywhere is going to sing a song with 100% accuracy. I like your voice, you sound like Bob Dylan at times to me, and that's not an insult haha, I'm a fan. Only thing I'd comment on is that it is hard to understand you at particular points, while it's crystal clear at other points. It seems like English isn't your first language so it'll be a bit harder for you to do it for English songs than for other people but do try to enounciate the words when you're singing them.

The main thing that I liked about the performance is that there are obviously parts of the song which require you to go a bit higher than your comfort zone (the part where you say "although" in the first verse being an example) and you use correct technique (from the sound of it), and you're not going into head voice to do it. This is something that a lot of people struggle with when singing. The only thing you need to do now in regards to that part of your voice is to strengthen it and gain more control over it because it was frequently pitchy when you went up to these areas, but you've already won 75% of the battle by just figuring out how to access these notes.
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You have a good voice, stick with it! I'm not educated enough to give you good advice about how to get better; but I do like your voice and I think it's worth your time to strengthen it and improve your transitions.