Hey, brand new member here! I was checking out the Tranquilize bass tab (by The Killers), and it was almost right but there were a lot if errors in some areas. I corrected them, sent my correction in the comments, but the way I've been playing it is slightly different from that tab, and uses an alternate tuning to make it easier. I posted my correct in the tuning that version had, mentioning I'd post my own with the alternate tuning that makes the notes easier to reach. I've submitted a tab for that alternate version, with the corrections I made to the other tab already in place (obviously). At the end I put "Some credit goes to Tranquilize tab ver2 for setting me on the right track!"

Did I do everything right? Proper etiquette etc.?

Edit: I guess this looks fishy with my age thing huh? I just realized I made my account back in December when I first started playing bass, but did not activate it until tonight when I went to post my corrections and noticed it already had me signed up (but just not activated)!
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