For those of you, who have been following my search for my new guitar/amp....I have narrowed it down to 2 amps. I have narrowed it down to Blackstar, I played the "ID" series today in guitarcenter and I was totally impressed, I play metal so I clearly loved the nice warm distortion of the OD2 channel. That amp is beyond awesome! I know they have recently come out with the Blackstar HT-Metal series, and the ID series I loved xo much was not a tube amp, so im going to be trying to decide, the guitarcenter near me is tiny so they dont carry that metal series by blackstar.Has anyon4e heard the metal series vs the ID series? The ID series sounded awesome but being that the metal series is tube makes me think....has anyone heard these 2? Also say I get the head, how do I go about choosing a 2x12 cab? whats the difference between an expensive cab vs a more expensive one?....so I have looked at the combo, but would rather have a 2x12 but does the 2x12 have to match the head somehow?
If you really like the ID, go for it. I, and I think a lot of people on here, would tell you not to get either. But you should follow your ear at the end of the day.

I don't think you're missing anything about the HT being "tube". The heavy lifting in the Blackstar HT amps is not the tubes. They're like Darth Vader. "More machine now than man...". Machine = SS clipping & Man = Tube clipping.
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The 212 cab doesn't have to match, you can buy other brands, just ensure that you get the correct ohm level, ideally they'll match, most modern heads have changeable ohm outputs, usually 16, 8 and 4, 8 is the usual ohmage (if that's a word) of a 212 cabinet