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I have a question regarding downpicking techniques used in metal. Some bands have songs that feature 'ridiculous' fast downpicking, like Metallica, or an even faster (I think) example: Lying and weak by Decapitated (220 bpm eighth note downpicking, the alternate picking on 16th notes in this song is ofcoarse double the speed of the downpicking parts, but it's managable due to playing a single string).

My question is: Do they downpick on just one string, or do they downpick a power chord (at least the first 2 strings)?

It feels to me that the motion you need for 2 strings at this speed of downpicking is too big and results in sloppy movements, but maybe my hand just isn't fast enough. Is it possible to downpick "chords" this fast without getting sloppy or do they cheat and play just the root note?
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They do both. Some songs from these bands that are known for downpicking contain parts that are entirely downpicked, powerchords included. Some feature downpicking when doing muted single string stuff, and the more of a down up strum motion for the chords.

Both is used.
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