I'm searching for a new guitar that can sound good for metal and for some punk and rock stuff top.
These are the guitars that i found, which is the best in your opinion? My budget is 400€

PRS Mark Tremonti SE
Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Now i have a squier strato bullet and i want something better
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For metal I like Ibanez's. You can get older Rg550s for around that same price if you look around which are pretty good guitars. I cant really comment on the ones you are looking at cause Ive never played those. You might not like them already (Ibanez) but if you've never tried one you should. They are light and really nice slim/fast necks. Most of them have double locking trems so that also may be something you don't want cause they are more work.

Idk, just a suggestion. Get what you think you'll like.
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I tried an Ibanez once, not bad but i don't like the shape, i'd like a les paul or explorer shape for my next guitar
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I like the Epiphone LP Standard. My friend has one and it's powerful. He plays metal and loves it. I don't really know the PRS.
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Id go for the PRS. But where can you get one for €400?
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Id go for the PRS. But where can you get one for €400?

Second hand, with some good haggling.
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Thanks for your answers I found a tremonti's which cost 330 € on an italian site ( im italian).
What about the two ESP? I really like the EC, but i'm not expert enough to judge
this is your second thread on this. only difference is a poll.
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