So lately I've had a problem with my strat. It keeps buzzing and makes a ton of noise, but I didn't know why. I figured it was the ground wire, so I took out the awful electronics and put in an EMG 81, but it is still buzzing. Then by accident I touched the jack plate and it all stopped. I have absolutely no idea what to do about this, even though I know how to fix most electronic problems on my gear. It is a Squier 20th anniversary Strat with one pickup and one volume if that helps at all.
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The problem you are having is a ground wire problem. did you make sure everything is grounded properly? follow the ground wire from the input jack all the way to the bridge, it should be connected to every pot. Secondly, does your volume pot work properly is the volume output good? you might have the ground wire on the volume on the wrong side. Also you might have the ground wire on the HOT lug on the imput jack, try flipping them around, sometimes a problem I would have also, is a ground on the same lug as a hot wire and all the signal gets flushed into the ground and canceled out, check to make sure they are two seperate circuits!
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