So, this is a backing track I made using Cubase 5 and EzDrummer (Drumkit From Hell). It has keyboards, bass and drums. I also made a precount bar (open hihat) and a hihat count until the drums enter. This is my first experience doing this, so I´m open to all kinds of constructive criticism. Thank you for listening, and share your opinion!!

Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/rafael-dias-143/pull-me-under-backing-track
first off, imo, even though this is one of the most known DT songs, its underrated because its SO known. For a backing track, this is pretty good, the drums need to be a bit louder, along with the keys being more present (MUCH more present and louder) however overall, for a backing, i would jam over this, and i think guitar would fit well over it!!