Hello, I just bought a set of EMGS and wanted to rewire this guitar, the pups that were in it were passive so I have to change everything Can someone please look this over and tell me if everything is ok? I have a p/p for each tone and a master vol. and a 3-way selector. My biggest concern it the caps. I want a different uF. cap for each tone pot, but I'm affraid with this wiring, the lower uF value caps circuit will go thru the higher uF value cap when the selector is in the middle and cancel it out. is this a valid concern? is there a way around this? Please help, I'd liek to wire this up tonight, I finally got everything i need, Thanks everyone!
I'm sorry, I can't really follow your diagram; it's very messy. MSPaint does have tools to let you draw straight, clean lines... the link in my sig has a clipboard of parts you can use in MSPaint to draw neat, readable diagrams.