Ok, i know i know, see a doctor if anythings wrong, and i am gonna do that if it doesnt stop but maybe some of you could still read about it and comment if you have any thoughts, i would definitely appreciate it as the pain makes me unable to play guitar, and that freaks me out.

Ok so 2 days ago at work i carried this container with food in it, which wasnt really heavy but not the lightest thing either. when i was putting the container down on a table i jammed the upper part of my left hand's middle finger between the table and the container.
It hurt in that moment of course, but soon after it didnt and i was really busy so all i did was hold it under cold water and continued working(without any further injuries).

Since then it feels totally fine if i dont do anything at all, but often if i move it or apply pressure 50% of the time there's a sharp pain in the tip of that finger that last for like a second. The weird thing is, i can apply pressure and sometimes it doesnt hurt at all, other times the sharp pain comes again.

Also on a side note, My left hand, (the hand with the hurting fingertip) has had problems in the past and is usually the one that makes me take a break or stop practicing after some hours, its the weaker hand in general id say.
Having said that, ive been playing without any real problems for a while now.
Sidenote #2. ive been playing a computer game a lot in my spare time in the last week. (varying from 2 to 6 hours a day) and it requires me to use the "WASD" buttons on my keyboard to move my game character, so my middlefinger tip has been used a lot as well to move my character forward.

i mean it sounds to me like the Jamming of my finger may have caused it but even more just gave the final "push" to my already weak and or overused finger. Ive not been playing guitar or games since off today and i am going to rest it and see if it heals, if not i will make an appointment with a doctor, is an orthopedist the right one for this type of issue? And do you have any thoughts or advice in general about this?

also, and this could be a mental thing, when i focus on my figners tip, i can sort of feel a slight tingle and a resemblance of pain, like that something is wrong.

i really appreciate it.
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I'm certainly no doctor, but I agree with what you're saying - wait a bit and see if it gets better. If not see a doctor.
I'm no doctor, and even if I was I'd feel ill-at-ease diagnosing something online. However, that being said it doesn't sound too serious. Likely just a bruise (they don't always discolor the skin.) Give it a rest for a few days, ice it if you have to, and then slowly start working it again. If the pain continues or gets worse, then by all means see a doctor about it. But from the way you described it, it sounds like you just whacked it real good.
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