Hey guys,

It came down to one of these two guitars..
1) Epiphone Dr-500MCE - All solid wood
2) Takamine GJ72CE - Solid spruce top and laminated maple back and sides.

I am indecisive and would like you're help on which guitar you would have bought or preferred to have.

I am also wondering if there is any extra care that would be needed for an all solid wood guitar, I have solid wood guitars, and never had any issues with minimal maintenance, do all solid wood guitars require more maintenance?

Thanks a lot!!!
if i could only choose between those two guitars, the epi masterbilt for sure.

it's a good idea to keep any guitar, lam or solid, so it's not too dry, and if they get very humid for an extended period, issues can also occur. just because you've never had any issues so far doesn't mean you never will - i'd suggest keeping your guitars at humidity over 30 if possible and under 70. i keep mine between 35 and 60.
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